Befuddled Games is all about family, friends, fun and competition! 

As kids we loved the challenge of playing creative games against our parents, including every word game we could find.  It took many years, and sad to say, many crushing defeats, but we knew we'd finally made it when we could beat dad at a round of whichever word game we happened to be playing.  Mom was good, too, just not as competitive. 

As we grew older and had families of our own, we still loved to play word games together, but wanted something new, something that combined the best of the word games we loved with exciting innovations and twists.  Not being able to find one, we decided to create one of our own. That's how Kerfuddle came about.  And, now, it's our favorite.  

Soon, we were playing Kerfuddle with friends and extended family who loved it as much as we did.  That's when we became determined to make a retail version that everyone could enjoy.  Through a successful crowdfunding campaign, we were able to produce our first batch of games and make Kerfuddle available to other game lovers.  

Every great game has to start somewhere, and we hope Kerfuddle is only the first in a line of many classic games that Befuddled Games introduces in the years to come.  For the present, we offer the challenge, the excitement, and the fabulous fun of Kerfuddle.  The fact that Kerfuddle is also educational is something we're proud of.

Now, we look forward to the day our kids can beat us!