KERFUDDLE adds layers of random chance to each round that other word games don't have.  

KERFUDDLE is exciting and challenging!  The object of the game is simple; score more points than your opponents by finding words they haven't found on the 14 Letter Cubes.  With the added dimension of the "Shake It Up" cards and the Number Cube, each round is unique.

The "Shake It Up" cards throw players a new twist, and by rolling the Number Cube, the minimum amount of letters needed to write scoring words constantly changes.

Perfect for 2 to 6 players and recommended for ages 8 and older, KERFUDDLE is great if you're just learning to spell, or consider yourself to be a seasoned word game "pro".

It's amazing how much stuff fits inside the Kerfuddle Cup, yet it is still small enough to take with you everywhere! 

.Included items in Kefuddle word game cup


Kerfuddle word game gameboard

Having fun playing Kerfuddle

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